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Arduino Portenta Breakout

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Arduino Portenta Breakout board is designed to help hardware engineers and makers to prototype and help test devices connections and capacity within the Portenta family boards (e.g. the Portenta H7). It makes all high-density connectors’ signals individually accessible, making it quick and easy to connect and test external hardware components and devices as normally needed during development in the lab.

  • Power ON Button
  • Boot mode DIP switch
  • Connectors
    • USBA
    • RJ45 GBit Ethernet
    • Micro SD card
    • OpenMV shutter module
    • MIPI 20T JTAG with trace capability
  • Power
    • CR2032 RTC Lithium Battery backup
    • External power terminal block
  • I/O
    • Break out all Portenta High-Density connector signals
    • Male/female HD connectors allow interposing breakout between Portenta and shield to debug signals
  • Compatibility
    • Standard Portenta High-Density connector pinout
  • Safety information
    • Class A


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