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DFRobot KIT0178 Development Kit

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DFRobot KIT0178 Development Kit is a ESP32-S2-Kaluga-1 kit designed for human-computer interaction applications. This kit includes one main-board and four extension boards that support touch panel control, audio playback, LCD display, and camera image acquisition. This allows users to interact with machine through sensory channels and body language.

  • Touch panel control:
    • 14 touch sensors, three of which support distance detection (proximity mode)
    • Support acrylic panels up to 5mm
    • Wet hand operation
    • Mis-touch prevention water rejection:
      • ESP32-S2 can be configured to disable all touchpads automatically if multiple pads are simultaneously covered with water and to re-enable touchpads if the water is removed
  • LCD display:
    • LCD interface (8-bit parallel RGB, 8080, and 6800 interface)
    • Support display with ST7789 and ILI9341 driver
    • Support camera data real-time display on LCD screen
  • Audio playback:
    • Connect speakers to play audio
    • Use together with the touch panel to control audio playback and adjust volume
  • Camera image acquisition:
    • Support OV2640 and OV3660 camera modules
    • 8/16-bits DVP image sensor interface
    • Clock frequency up to 40MHz
    • Optimized DMA transmission bandwidth for easier transmission of high-resolution images


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