DFRobot FIT0743 Conductive Stainless Thread

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DFRobot FIT0743 Conductive Stainless Thread is a smooth stainless steel fiber conductive sewing thread. This stainless steel fiber thread features small resistance, good thermal conductivity, high melting point, and high-temperature resistance. The FIT0743 conductive stainless thread comes with one roll of 25m sewing thread and about 30Ω to 40Ω per 1m with a wire of diameter of 0.3mm. This stainless thread is suitable for touchscreen gloves, anti-static clothing, wearable electronic equipment, anti-static brush, driving LED, and small current electronic components.

  • Small resistance and stable resistivity
  • 650°C high-temperature resistance and 1350°C melting point
  • Safe to wash and reusable
  • 30Ω to 40Ω/m wire resistance
  • 0.3mm diameter


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