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Digilent Curve Tracer Transistor Tester Adapter Module

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Digilent Curve Tracer Transistor Tester Adapter Module allows the addition of curve tracer functionality to test equipment suites. This module provides the ability to analyze the characteristics of discrete semiconductor devices like diodes, NPN and PNP transistors, and both P-Type and N-Type FETs. The Transistor Tester Adapter is equipped with the 2×15 MTE Connector, which makes it compatible with Analog Discovery Legacy, Analog Discovery 2, and Analog Discovery Pro 3000 Oscillators.

  • For use with the Analog Discovery Pro 3000, Analog Discovery 2, and Analog Discovery Legacy
  • 2×15 MTE connector
  • Connector J2 for E/C/B/E connections
  • 10kΩ internal resistor for Rb
  • 100Ω internal resistor for Rc
  • 3.16.3 or later WaveForms Software support
  • Analog Discovery 5V power supply
  • 68mm x 70mm (2.68" x 2.76") in dimension
  • Does not require an external power supply


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