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Rectron 1N5359B 5W Silicon Zener Diode

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Rectron 1N5359B 5W Silicon Zener Diode features low cost, low leakage, low forward voltage drop, and high current capability. This diode operates from 22.8V to 25.2V Zener voltage (VZ) range, 50mA Zener current (IZ), and 5% voltage tolerance. The 1N5359B Zener diode is available in a Through-hole mounting style package and molded plastic case.

  • 22.8V to 25.2V Zener voltage (VZ) range
  • 50mA Zener current (IZ)
  • 5W power rating
  • 3.5Ω Zener impedance at IZ (Ohms)
  • 100Ω Zener impedance at IZK (Ohms)
  • 1mA Zener current (IZK)
  • 18.2V reverse voltage (VR)
  • 0.5µA reverse current (IR)
  • 5% voltage tolerance



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