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J-Link 9-Pin Cortex-M Adapter

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The 9-Pin Cortex-M Adapter allows JTAG, SWD, and SWO connections between J-Link or Flasher and Cortex-M based target hardware systems. It adapts from the 20-pin 0.1'' JTAG connector to a 9-pin 0.05'' Samtec FTSH connector as defined by Arm.

The 9-Pin Cortex-M Adapter may also be used to connect J-Link or Flasher to a non-Cortex-M target as far as the target connector uses the same pinout. By default, TRST is not connected, but the Cortex-M Adapter comes with a solder bridge (NR1) which allows TRST to be connected to pin 9 of the Cortex-M adapter.


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