Crowd Supply XaLogic K210 AI Accelerator

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Crowd Supply XaLogic K210 AI Accelerator is a compact Raspberry Pi HAT (Hardware Added on Top) designed to easily add machine vision features with deep learning to Raspberry Pi-based camera applications. The K210 AI Accelerator is based on the Kendryte K210 AI processor, providing 0.5TOPs (Tera Operations Per Second) of processing power.

The Crowd Supply XaLogic K210 AI Accelerator allows users to add AI features to an RPi based camera without the need to train their neural networks. Pre-trained models can make a camera AI-enabled in minutes with a few Python API calls. Users can also develop their models using open-source code.

The K210 AI Accelerator has an Infineon Trust-M security chipset onboard, enabling a secure connection to Amazon Web Services without exposing the private key. This chipset adds an extra layer of security when deploying IoT devices in the field.

  • Kendryte K210 System-on-Chip (SoC)
    • 64-bit dual-core RISC-V processor with FPUs
      • 0.5TOPs (Tera Operations Per Second)
    • On-chip security
      • 128-bit AES Accelerator
      • SHA256 Accelerator
  • Infineon Trust-M Cloud security chipset
  • Lattice iCE40 FPGA SPI bridge
  • 0.3W power consumption
  • Raspberry Pi Zero HAT form-factor
    • Compatible with any RPi with a 40-pin connector
    • Extender required to fit on the 3B+ and 4B due to the PoE header


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Camera frame freezes up after a couple of seconds

The install and initial setup was fairly easy but when I run the demos the camera window opens and I can see the feed but after a couple of seconds the camera freezes. I eventually have to kill the python script. There also seems to be a severe lack of documentation or kb info from XaLogic.