Hourglass DIY Solder Kit

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This Hourglass DIY Solder Kit allows hobbyists and education institutes to learn how to solder. Each OSEPP Electronics Hourglass DIY Solder Kit comes with easy-to-follow pictorial instructions and a how-to solder and desolder guide.

Note: 2x AAA batteries required to operate, sold separately.

Note: Since this product is a kit, assembly and a basic knowledge of soldering will be required.

  • 42x - 5mm LEDs
  • 2x - Mini pushbutton (6mm x 6mm)
  • 2x - Pin headers (2.54mm 1x8)
  • 2x - Female headers (2.54mm 1x8)
  • 7x - 330Ω resistors
  • 3x - 1KΩ resistors
  • 1x - 3V buzzer
  • 1x - Tilt sensor (SW-52D)
  • 1x - On/Off switch (3.7mm x 8.5mm)
  • 1x - Microprocessor (STC15W204S)
  • 4x - AAA battery clips
  • 1x - 100nF capacitor
  • 1x - 6" (2.5mm width) desoldering braid
  • 42 LEDs (extras included)
  • Sound indicator
  • Push-button time selection
  • Rotate to reset (tilt sensor)
  • 2xAAA battery power (not included)
  • On/Off switch


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