Sensirion SLF3S-0600F Evaluation Kit

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Sensirion SLF3S-0600F Evaluation Kit tests and evaluates the SLF3S-0600F Liquid Flow Sensor. The eval kit includes the sensor along with a mounting clamp, a sensor cable with a USB connector, an adapter cable, a ribbon cable, and a basic set of fluidic connectors. Sensirion SLF3S-0600F Sensor measures flow rates bidirectionally as low as 10μl/min up to ±2000μl/min for water- and hydrocarbon-based liquids.

  • SLF3S-0600F liquid flow sensor
  • SLF3x mounting clamp
  • SCC1-USB Sensor cable with a USB connector for plug-and-play to a PC
  • Adapter cable with 6-pin connector to 4-pin M8
  • Ribbon cable from 6-pin connector to pigtail
  • A basic set of fluidic connectors
  • Low flow sensing up to ±2000µl/min
  • Calibrated for H2O and IPA
  • Linearized, temperature-compensated, and fully calibrated digital output signal (I2C)
  • Bidirectional measurement and real-time failure detection
  • 200:1 or better turndown ratio


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