Maxtena M9HCT-A-SM Antenna

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Maxtena M9HCT-A-SM Antenna is an active multi-frequency and high-accuracy GNSS antenna. This antenna covers the L1/L2/L5 GPS, Galileo, Beidou, GLONASS bands, and L-band correction services. The M9HCT-A-SM antenna is designed for applications requiring greater accuracy than L1-only antennas can provide. This antenna is built on proprietary Maxtena Helicore® technology providing exceptional pattern control, polarization purity, and high efficiency in a compact form factor. The M9HCT-A-SM antenna features an integrated SMA connector and rugged IP67 automotive grade components. This antenna is ideal for applications requiring minimal integration effort or for retrofitting existing products.

The M9HCT-A-SM antenna is equipped with an O-ring and operates from -40°C to 105°C. Typical applications include autonomous Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), GNSS positioning, GNSS timing, sea and land container tracking, fleet management, law enforcement, and public safety.

  • Passive antenna performance (L2, B2, G2, G3, and E5B):
    • 1192MHz to 1231MHz frequency range
    • 46% peak efficiency
    • RHCP polarization
    • 1.1dB realized gain
    • Axial ratio:
      • Maximum 1.2dB at the zenith
    • VSWR:
      • Maximum 2:1
    • 135° beamwidth
  • Passive Antenna Performance (L1, E1, B1, B1-2, and G1):
    • 1559MHz to 1606MHz frequency range
    • 49% peak efficiency
    • RHCP polarization
    • 0.5dB realized gain
    • Axial ratio:
      • Maximum 0.9dB at the zenith
    • VSWR:
      • Maximum 2:1
    • 125° beamwidth
  • Passive Antenna Performance (L5):
    • 1164MHz to 1189MHz frequency range
    • 40% peak efficiency
    • RHCP polarization
    • 0.5dB realized gain
    • Axial ratio:
      • Maximum 1.1dB at the zenith
    • VSWR:
      • Maximum 1:1
    • 112° beamwidth
  • L-band corrections services:
    • 1539MHz to 1559MHz frequency range
    • 1.5dB gain
    • ≤0.5dB axial ratio
  • Phase center variation:
    • In azimuth plane:
      • Maximum 10mm
    • As low as 40-degree elevation:
      • Maximum 10mm
    • Between samples:
      • Maximum 5mm
    • Over frequency band:
      • Maximum 10mm
  • RF specification:
    • 30±3dBi conducted gain
    • Noise figure:
    • 1.5dB typical and 2dB maximum
    • 3V to 5V operating voltage range
    • 25mA maximum current
    • 40dBc out of band rejection
    • Group delay variation:
      • Less than 5ns over GNSS bands
    • EMI immunity out of band:
    • 30V/m
    • ESD circuit protection:
      • 15kv human body model air discharge
  • Mechanical specification:
    • -40°C to 105°C operating temperature range
    • Ø34mm x 51mm dimensions


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