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Description: New 8-pin PIC with nanoWatt technology. Extended WDT, 4 channel ADC, software selectable oscillator 32khz to 8MHz. Runs up to 20MHz with external crystal and up to 8MHz with an on-board RC oscillator. Package can be programmed in circuit.


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  • I wish there were more tutorials for these things…

    I’m currently working with Microchip’s MPLAB X under OSX with the xc8 compiler. I’m using a PicKit 3 as a programmer. I’ve made good progress towards getting the software UART implementation working and will write up a tutorial on it once I get it a bit more stable.

    These chips are pretty cool for such a small device! Too bad there isn’t an Arduino/Wiring type IDE for them…

  • Hello, how many LED can you connect on each I/O pin ?
    Because in my project I would to connect 7 LED on each I/O pin … it’s to much ?
    PS : sorry for my bad english … I’m french

    • Use the pin to toggle a FET, that way the FET is sinking/sourcing the current, not the ucontroller

    • 25mA maximum per pin, 90mA total per device.
      A typical LED draws 20mA, so only 1 LED per pin, and only 4 total for the device. You can make the LEDs dimmer by limiting the current, but you’ll never get 7 on one pin and be able to see the light. You’ll have to use the pin to drive an external transistor.

  • When will you be getting more of these in stock?

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