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Description: Microchip's 14-Pin 16F688 8-Bit Processor. 4K of program space and 12 I/O lines. 8 channel Analog to Digital Converter! Runs up to 20MHz with external crystal or up to 8MHz with the internal RC oscillator. Package can be programmed in circuit.


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  • I’ll note that these cost $1.52 a piece if ordered directly from Microchip, Inc. on their website. In addition, Microchip offers samples to universities and companies and you can get 3 of these entirely free of charge by requesting them on their website, and they’ll usually come to you by express shipping at no cost to you.
    It is a horror that Sparkfun is trying to sell these at $4.10.
    I demand that Sparkfun stop trying to rip off customers.
    I have screenshotted this and if I see this comment deleted, I WILL make noise about Sparkfun on Digg and Reddit and in my university community.

    • Also note that the processing fee at microchip for free samples is $7.50 per 2 items (AFAIK)

    • Yay! I love Digg threats. Let’s start a flame war!
      Yuanzhoulv - In the future, a friendly ‘hey, your price looks kind of high on this’ works equally as well. I will happily update the price on this.
      For your reference, I haven’t touched this product description, cost, or photo (it’s pretty bad, even the date code is horrendous) since December of 2005. Back then the cost from Microchip was over $3.
      Thanks for the heads up about free samples from big IC companies.

  • I like the chip in general. Nice entry level chip for Microchip products. This was my first MCU. Easy to use(sometimes… Can be a bit picky if you forget to set something…) I have at least 30 of these little chips sitting around just to mess around with when I don’t feel like working on a real project. Coming in from a C# programming background this was a perfect match for me. Love it. And for all of you that don’t believe me, I’m only 15 so if I can pull off something like this I’m sure you can too. Its just that simple. Also: Don’t go for an Olimex prog. Just get a PICkit3. Works nice. That was a bit longer than I wanted, Oh well. That’s my take on this chip.

  • Least expensive PIC on SparkFun that sports a UART/USART.

  • When you have more stock ? I need 8 pin !!!

  • I suggest go to 24FJ64GA002. 16 bits uC and free in uchip page. 64K Flash!!

  • I had loads of fun using this chip

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