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Description: MAXIM IC MAX6675 Cold Junction Compensated K-Type Thermocouple to Digital Converter. This simple 8-pin SOIC IC attaches directly to any K-Type Thermocouple and interfaces via a SPI read-only interface.

Works great with 8-pin SOIC to DIP adapters.

  • 0.25C Resolution
  • 0C to +1024C
  • Minimal 2-wire digital interface


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  • I was really interested in the tutorial link, but it is broken!

    I found another one here, in case Michael’s tutorial is permanently gone:

  • So….Is there any reason we couldn’t use an E-type thermocouple, and use the reported Celsius value to backcalculate the real Celsius value?

    Maybe I don’t follow exactly what’s going on.

  • would this work with Serial Multiplexer Breakout - TS3A5017
    (sku: BOB-08970)
    Has anyone tried this? I would like to use 4 thermocouple probes, but avoid expense of 4 of MAX6675 chips.
    Is there a BOB board available for this chip?

    • In theory I think may affect the cold junction compensation a little, as would having long tracks between where the thermocouple terminates, and where the IC is located (as it measures temp on the IC to compensate)
      I see no reason why it would cause a problem,
      in particular the amplifier is likely Hi-z, and the source impedance of the thermocouple is low, like 1R ~ 10R depending on the particulars.
      offsets introduced by using the switch (if there are any) would be the thing to look out for.

  • Has anyone tried using these on a shared SPI bus?

  • There’s a nice Arduino Max6675 Library available to really simplify reading temperature data from this amplifier.

  • fix

  • Could I use a multiplexer with one 6675 to read from multiple thermocouples, or do I need a 6675 for each thermocouple in my project?

    • No, Use separate chips and use common ck and DO lines and then have multiple CS lines. Works great for me.

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