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Description: These extension cables have a type A male connector on one end that plugs into any computer. The opposing end has a female type A connector allowing a second USB cable to be inserted. This allows as many cables to be daisy chained together as needed. May come in White or Black. Cable color and shape may vary slightly from image as our stock rotates.

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Dimensions: 6 Feet

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Customer Comments

  • Make sure you don’t string too many of these together. If the distance between your “host” device and your “peripheral” device is over 5 meters, the device won’t work.

    • Or worse yet, it will work… most of the time, and then erratically fail in ways guaranteed to waste huge amounts of troubleshooting time.

  • It’s so nice to find a USB extension cable that has the female socket shrouded and not exposed.

    Apparently there less common then you would think.

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