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Description: Set of small, precision Phillips head screw drivers. A must have for any electronics aficionado. Phillips #1, #0. Flat 1.4, 1.8 (or 2.0), 2.4, 3.0mm.

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  • i own a set of these I got from somewhere else a while back. As screwdrivers they are completely useless, just get something with replaceable tips instead. That said, the regular ones make excellent prybars/shims when opening up consumer electronics that don’t want to be opened.

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Thoroughly average

It’s a Precision Phillips Set with 4 flatheads and 2 phillips screwdrivers. So it’s really a precision flathead set with pretensions. The screwdrivers handle okay, not great (hard to define, but some tools just feel like they’re meant to be used, these don’t). Doesn’t have the really small phillips most people need on occasion, but has the two common smaller sizes. Flatheads are flatheads, these aren’t the strongest or easiest to use, but they’re stiff. The bases of these twirl which helps tightening/loosening, but they don’t grab screws naturally.

You may find this set more enticing -

Cheap flat head set

Should be advertised as a flat head set with two phillips bonuses. Quality was ok, nothing impressive. I got them on sale for 99 cents, so it was a great deal!