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Description: The is a wonderfully simple 5V power source from Bodhilabs. This unit uses a single AA battery and generates 5V using a DC to DC step up circuit. A jumper is provided on the unit to disconnect power and includes a terminated (right is red) connector. Perfect for all those 5V applications that need to be small, and run on less than 100mA.


  • Voltage regulation: +5V +/-3%
  • Typical current: 100mA or less.
  • Typical ripple: 150mV peak-peak (*) @ 135kHz

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Customer Comments

  • Some problems…
    - The wires are not secured. A bit of a tug or a little side-to-side motion and they break off. Even just passing the wires through a small hole would help.
    - If the wires do break off, it is difficult to reattach them.
    - There is no convenient way to mount it. There is a single hole that accomodates a small screw but the hole is poorly positioned.
    - When the battery gets low, the step up circuit becomes erratic.
    In general, I’ve been pleased. It works as advertised.

    • I had little issue re-attaching my wires when they broke, but i am wondering how low the battery became before you saw the erratic behavior?

  • What is the connector? JST or Molex?

  • Hello,

    About how long will a Xbee (transmitting data about every hour), and Arduino Pro Micro (3.3v), and a sensor pulling 12ma be able to last running on this? The battery is Alkaline (2000 Mah)

  • Do not use this as power source for the Sound Detector board (SEN-12642). Ripple is too high. See Sound Detector Hookup Guide for explanation.

  • i use these, got them elsewhere some time ago. i agree, stock the PCB version only. the board i sjust hotglued to the back of a standard cell holder, i always deattach them and mount them along side.

  • I have something wrong with this component. I put a battery (AA rechargeable) inside it but the output is between 0.7 and 1.2 V. Sending this output to the Arduino 5V (regulated) input does not work.

    I have also the similar component with two batteries: when I put two batteries inside it, voltage is 4.6V, but Arduino 5V input is happy working.

    Is the one-battery component broken?

  • hmm, how was it I could subscribe to these comments…

  • Is the PCB just lightly glue to the AA holder? In other words, can you remove it and have use the AA holder a little more remotely, and add heaveir wires to it?

  • a little goop on the wires before you begin would act as a great strain relief…

  • Will this work with 2500 mAh NiMH Battery - AA?? Somebody used it to power an Arduino?

  • Has anyone tried using this to power the arduino pro mini?

  • These are great! We use them to connect a standard 3.7V LiPo cell to the WitTilts, with good success. Eliminates the need to hook up 2 cells together to get the 4V juice for the sensors. Especially important given our small size need for wireless body motion sensing.
    To Sparkfun -_ you should consider carrying just PCB version (without the battery case/hookups).

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