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Description: Gainer is a simple board developed by Shigeru Kobayashi and the team at This board utilizes the Cypress PSoC CY8C29466 IC making it a great board for digital and analog projects where AtoD and DtoA is required. Simple USB interface for reprogramming - no external programmer needed. The real power of this board is the ability to program it in a variety of languages including Flash, Max/MSP, and Processing.

Board includes a CY8C29466 with bootloader pre-programmed.


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  • Unfortunately this breakout board does not grant access to all pins of the PSoC nor to the pins of the FT232RL. Kinda useless if you consider that…<br />
    <br />
    Make it with access to all the pins and I’m buying at least 5 of these! PSoC is so much more powerful than those Arduino chips. Oh and add the hardware to get the SMP working (1mH coil, 100nF capacitor and Diode) and it would be a charm!!! Could actually make it work with a 1.5v battery. Plz check it out guys, Thx.

  • I found a really nice PSoC 5LP board I’d like to see SparkFun carry in their inventory or produce themselves:

    After doing my initial development with a Cypress CY8CKIT-050 and getting good a datapaths, the SchmartBoard is one fantastic addition to your embedded systems arsenal and it’s the same price as the Gainer board with a much more powerful chip.

    If you’ve ever worked with a device that can run code pretty fast as well as have plenty of custom logic, you’ll never go back to anything else.

    • Thanks for letting us know about this. We will look into it and see what options we have.

  • I really love PSoC but I would definitely pay a little bit more for the PSoC 1 evaluation kit before anything third party like this. Or maybe 10 bucks less for the PSoC 4 kit which I have been trying really hard to not buy.

  • Can these be reprogrammed via usb?

  • The site is pretty much dead… is there some place/project where this board is still actively used?

  • Driver is simply the FTDI driver (VCP).
    It appears to come installed with firmware designed to work with a set of serial command byte-codes - like those sent from its Processing library. NOTE: Processing, not Arduino. Look under their tutorials on their website for the library download.

  • I need the psoc driver software for interfacing…Can anyone help?

    • For future reference, try Cypress’s website. They have their PSoC software free that you can download.

  • i need the software and the driver

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