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Description: Every laser needs a holder! This custom designed plastic mount fits the SparkFun flat laser modules. Insert the module into the mount and the laser will snap into place. Two screws are required and hold this mount strongly in place. Laser mount screws directly into chest plate of RFL robot for easy laser aiming.


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  • If you own this product, and the pan-tilt sub-micro servo bracket (ROB - 10335), I made a binding design so you can mount this module on the servo bracket. I printed the part out with makerbot and I can confirm that the dimensions are correct. I uploaded the model to 3D Warehouse. Here’s the link: Pan-Tilt Binding for Laser Module Mount.

  • I see that in the picture the lasers mount flush with the edge of the mount but in none of the eight units I own this is possible. I’m afraid that if I push harder, the laser will break. Are the new mounts different from the ones in the pic? Or maybe the new lasers are different… Any help is greatly appreciated.

    • Same for me. I wouldn’t force it. I bought both the laser and the mount ~5 months ago and the laser stays 2 - 3 millimeters inside the mount.

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