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Description: Itty-bitty U.FL SMD connector. Great for tight PCB layouts that require antenna connections.


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Customer Comments

  • Could you add this part to the SFE Eagle library? It sure would be helpful!

  • Does anyone know if the two large tabs on the sides of the U.FL connector are connected to ground on this specific connector, or just the tab that comes off of the ground circle?

  • Anybody know if it is possible to get the mating part to this, the one that typically goes on a U.FL to SMA cable assembly? I found the part #, but can’t find any distributor that sells just the U.FL plug connector.

  • You might want to consider updating the eagle part specs in your library. The datasheet shows a no pattern area under the connector, however the eagle part does not use a tRestrict region. I just noticed this when I did a polygon fill and it filled in the area underneath the connector.

    • It would be good if the part library was updated, but for now you can just put a small “wire” in the tRestrict or bRestrict layer between the pads and it will stop the polygon fill going in there.

  • Anyone know if the footprint for this fits an XBee’s pads to replace a worn connector?

    • U.FL connectors are pretty standard, it should work. I cannot say for sure though.

  • Could we get a ruler view please?

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