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Description: This is a 33mm round momentary push button similar to the ones you find on arcade games. Simple screw in design. Perfect for mashing.


  • Convex Button
  • 35.75 mm Diameter x 46 mm Height
  • M28 thread
  • Mounting Hole Diameter: 27.3 mm
  • Net weight: 0.015kg
  • Rated for 12V/1A

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Customer Comments

  • I love this pushbutton and all of its colors. It’s the awesomeness of a button with epic colors. Using this for my Ken-bot.

  • Existing color options = awesome. More color options = even more awesome!

  • Read a comment about these buttons (same model different colors) being hard to solder. I am not the best when it comes to soldering but I took a small piece of a sponge, got it wet, not dripping just wet. Then wrapped the tabs with the sponge. Was able to solder all my buttons with NO problems.

  • I’d like to turn this into a latching switch. Can I remove the switch from underneath it and replace it with something to do this?

  • can i install a led light in there?

  • Bought a bunch of these in various colors. They look great. They seem a little cheaper made than some of the other (much more expensive) buttons I’ve seen. I have one that sticks a bit on occasion, but for most projects I think these are great.

  • How many cycles has this switch been tested to?

  • For those that aren’t accustomed to measuring…these buttons are huge. Much bigger than your standard radioshack button.

  • The metals tabs on this switch are .110" wide. Something like might fit as a solderless connector.

  • The blue ones are slightly different than the other colors. The transparent blue ring around the button is a separate piece. The other colors have perforations in the threaded area that hold clips on the moving part, but this button’s threaded area has no perforations.

  • How clicky are these switches? What kind of tactile feedback is there?

    • If you’ve ever played an arcade game, then it’s like that. It clicks, and doesn’t have a whole lot of resistance to it.

      • can you please tell me how they work? they need to be pushed hardly or softly? is the sound a little noisy?


        • it takes a pretty soft press, and it just gives a little click. once again, just like an arcade game…

          • I’m actually curious about specifics – compared to more professional name-brand arcade buttons like Sanwa and Seimitsu, where does it stand? I mean, Sanwa buttons tend to be soft, engage easily and bottom out without trouble, while Seimitsu’s have a bit of physical resistance right as it reaches its engagement distance, giving you a more firm idea of when the switch is and isn’t closed.

  • Will you ever offer this size in black or white????

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