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Description: This is a 24-pin Molex Mini-Fit Jr.? connector, commonly used as the power supply connector on ATX motherboards. Two rows of twelve pins are broken out two rows of through-hole male headers. See datasheet for the pin spacings and other dimensions.

Pair this connector with a standard computer power supply and you can source a number of different voltages (+3.3V, +5V, +12V, -12V, -5V) to your project.


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Customer Comments

  • This needs an eagle file.

  • warning: this is not compatible with - Sparkfun did not claim they were compatible, do not make the same assumption as me. You can snap off the plastic tabs at the end though, and it will fit.

  • Do you have a 20 pin version of this connector?

  • Is this part available in the Eagle library?

    • Doesn’t look like it. SparkFun-Connectors.lbr only has the right-angle one. Should be able to modify that Device to add the regular Package, though - all the required information is in the dimensional drawing datasheet.

  • At what scale should I print (on to A4) the Dimensional Drawing to get the hole layout 1:1?

  • I purchased this connector with the breakout board only to realize that the white pegs on the ends of the connector, do have corresponding holes on the board. Now I know.

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