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Description: This faceplate is a perfect fit for the Arduino USB development board and Chameleon 1 enclosure.

With a Chameleon 1 enclosure, drill the designated hole patterns in the baseplate and your Arduino will line up perfectly with this faceplate. No nipping, guessing - great, professional fit for the Arduino you know and love.


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  • Does this face plate fit the Arduino Mega2560 as well? I am building a remote rocket launch and I want to protect my Arduino from the environment around the launch pad. This looks perfect, but does it fit?

  • When are these back in stock?

  • How long are these going to be backordered??? I have placed an order for 2 like 6 weeks ago now…any hope?

  • Will there be more face plates? and boxings soon?
    Specially for arduino and power supplies (seperately like the ATX power connector)
    when are they back in stock?!?

  • PLEASE NOTE: We’ve been notified of a product revision from the manufacturer that the DB9 cutout (far right cutout) is no longer included. There will be only two cutouts now (middle and far left).

  • OH YEAH!
    This solves my biggest dilemma.
    No more trying to find cheaply made, ugly, overpriced chunks of plastic to put my arduino projects in!
    Now it can look more like it functions rather than looking hokey and working sweet.

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