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Description: We all know that you can never get too many LEDs. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. This is a pack of 25 LEDs all conveniently packaged in a nice reusable ESD safe bag. Make that next project shine!


  • 25 IR LEDs
  • Standard size - T1 ¾ 5mm
  • 1.4-1.6V forward drop
  • Max current 20mA


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Customer Comments

  • Not sure if the exact same, forward currents are a little off but maybe Sparkfun was just precautious?

  • Why does the info sheet specify a resistor value without specifying a supply voltage? The former is meaningless without the latter. (That resistor value seems to be for 9 V, BTW.)

  • If I powered all of these at once, would it make a good night-vision floodlight? A video showing the concept would be AMAZING!

  • Will these ever be available in packs of 100?

  • Does anyone know the Beam angle, intensity. Its a little bright for my CMOS camera application

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