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Description: You can never have too many LEDs. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. This is a pack of 100 LEDs all conveniently packaged in a reusable ESD safe bag. Buy in bulk - save a ton!


  • 100 bright yellow LEDs
  • 10,000mcd brightness
  • Standard size - T1 ¾ 5mm
  • 2.4V forward drop
  • Max current 20mA


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Customer Comments

  • Are these actually YELLOW or do they shine AMBER? They look amber in the pictures

  • Why is there no 25 piece set of “Super Bright LED - Yellow”? I see singles, and this page is of course the 100 pack, but there’s no 25 piece set for the Super Bright Yellow, even though the other “Super Bright” colors have them (Red, Blue, Green, etc…)
    So, in conclusion, please make a 25 piece set of these (Yellow) LEDs like you have for the other Super Bright LEDs, so that i might buy them and be happy.
    Thank you.

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