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9V Li-ion Rechargeable Battery - 350mAh

Now you can recharge those 9V batteries! Rechargeable 9v, 350 mAh Li-Polymer battery. It also has built in protection from overcharging. This is great for projects that require a little bit more voltage.

Note: Due to the requirements of shipping these batteries, only two batteries can be shipped together at one time and orders may take longer to process and therefore do not qualify for same-day shipping. Additionally, these batteries can not be shipped via Ground or Economy methods to Alaska or Hawaii. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

Note: Do not use a standard Ni-MH or Ni-Cd charger. This battery requires special charging.

  • [MSDS](http://cdn.sparkfun.com/datasheets/Prototyping/Lithium Ion Battery MSDS.pdf)

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  • On the comments for another LiPo (PRT-10470) somebody asks if there is low voltage protection. SF replied that all your LiPo cells have a protection circuit. I'm not sure which you consider to be "your" LiPo cells... Do you mean that you won't stock/sell a LiPo battery product that doesn't have a protection circuit? Or do you mean that some of the products were put together by you and THOSE have protection?
    Ultimately, I'm wondering if THIS PRT-10053 (9v) has protection. Just thought it might help everybody if the general rule were clarified.

  • This is NOT a Li-Polymer battery. It is clearly marked as Li-ion. The above description is incorrect. They are not the same chemistry. Charging voltages per cell are different also.

  • Do you guys carry (or plan to carry) a charger for this battery? If not, can you point us to one?

    • We do plan to carry something, but don't have one yet. We are still searching for one.

      • Ever find something?

        • sorry, not yet. we'll keep looking.

          • i have this and it works for most if not all 9v li-ion rechargeables it's cheap and it is (so far at 8 months) very reliable not to mention pretty much all tenergy does is batteries and R/C batteries so its a pretty good bet they are quality batt cells and chargers


  • Do these have a much lower ESR than 9V alkalizes? i.e. Could they be used to power motors directly, or is the C rate very low like in alkaline 9 volts?

  • 350 mAh? Aren't alkaline 9Vs around 595 mAh? And Lithiums are over 900 mAh?

    If this is only a 7.2V battery, I'm not sure how useful it is (although it is cheap).

  • Right in your description it says that the battery is 9V(DC) at 350 mAh. Do you think that this can be charged using the large solar panel that you supply? Those specs gave a max of 9.15 V at (if i remember correctly) 280mAh. Do you think that would suffice?

  • What is the maximum current that I can pull from this battery?

    • The quick answer is we don't know, but I wouldn't count on it being able to supply more than C0.5 or C1. These aren't high-rate cells like our RC offerings.

  • I want to use these for handheld wireless microphones and in ear minitors for musicians. Do you think these would be good batteries for that use?

  • Can you provide the datasheet for this battery? May we also know the typical discharge rate?

    • With the size of the cells and low capacity, I don't think you can get in muct trouble unless you short circuit it. Discharge ratings are based on cell size and strength and construction which has to offset the pressure of an expanding cell and possibly gas.
      The discharge rating is the rate it is safe to discharge a cell at without damaging the cell, in LiPo cells almost any cell will far exceed the discharge rating if given the opportunity. I had a 2200mah 30c cell short through a bad esc and discharge the entire cell in 10 seconds...about 600c., melt the high si.icon wires and start an rc plane on fire. The battery doubled in size and almost exploded. I have pics.
      On the other hand it would be nice to know the safe discharge rate.

  • anyone know the max discharge rate?

  • Datasheets?

  • Is it possible to charage this battery with the sparkfun a lipo charger? (PRT-08293 runs on 5V)
    For the, presumably, simmilar PRT-09701 sparkfun writes "A compatible charger is listed below." - but nothing is there .....

  • How did they manage to get 9V from Li-Ion (Li-Po) chemistry? Does it feature 3 cells in series (11.1V nominal) and a built-in voltage regulator? Strange animal.

    • Its actually a 7.2v battery - two cells in series (You'll find 9v NiMH and NiCd batteries are also usually 7.2v - 6x1.2v cells)

  • What does it weigh?

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