Mini Button Pad Set - White - Defects!

Replacement:COM-08998. We do not have any defects left, just the originals. This page is for reference only.

Note: These all have slight manufacturing defects. The defect is either excessive silicone on the bottom (creating a contact where you don’t want it) or a missing “nub” (the little foot that presses down on the contacts, they’re the black nubs on the bottom). Generally speaking, they should work just fine if you remove the excess conductive material, or design around a missing nub. We just don’t feel like throwing something like this away.

This is a button pad set that is designed to mount in a project enclosure. Comes with a white button pad and bezel.

The silicon rubber buttons have small conductive pads on the back side of the button to allow for shorting traces on a PCB - like the button mechanism inside a TV remote. Each button has a small 3mm hole for smaller 3mm LEDs. Any color LED will show nicely through these buttons.

The button pad and bezel can be separated into 3 separate button segments or used as is. Each button configuration has 4 mounting holes located in each corner for sturdy mounting in any enclosure.

This set does not include a PCB, but example designs are available below.

  • Height - 0.3", diameter of one button - 0.48"

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