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Bracelet Kit - Diamond (White)

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Schemer is a tiny programmable button that helps you easily make interactive art and craft. This bracelet kit uses a schemer in addition to 4 LEDs and a button to make a bracelet that can be programmed without wires.

Instead of using wires or bluetooth, you program it by holding it in front of a computer screen.
You only need your web browser. No wires, and no extra hardware or software to install.

Each kit includes the schemer, LEDs, button, and all the wiring, batteries, and materials needed to make a fully programmable LED bracelet.

This kit includes all white LEDs.

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  • Can the bracelet be controlled by a remote?? I'm directing a theater piece and it would be necessary to light the bracelet on cue and then also have it 'blackout' on cue.

  • I vaguely recall having a wristwatch that was programmable by using light bars on the computer screen.
    I guess this is similar, but for the life of me, I don't remember what the watch did with the programming...
    Man I feel old sometimes!!! :-)

  • Worked great, until I fried the schemer!
    However, the laser cut holes are too small to even see, but the leather is thin enough that with a steady handle, thimble, and a good needle you can sew it no problem.
    If you want a good gift for a geeky girlfriend, get it.

  • Neat idea - reminds me of the Timex Datalink watches. I see they are using PIC processors (16f for mainboard and 10f for the lights and sensors), but it looks like it's all closed hardware and software. Too bad.

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