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Fiber Optic TOSLINK Cable - 6ft

Replacement: None. There wasn't a lot of demand for TOSLINK cable so we're discontinuing this product for now. This page is for reference only.

Here is a standard TOSLINK fiber optic cable, 6 feet in length. Use it with our fiber optic transmitter and receiver, audio applications, or make a really terrible flashlight. The stylish PVC jacket helps prevent cable damage and adds flexibility and durability for years of pleasure.


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  • It would be great if you stocked TORX/TOTX 177 to go with this. Toslink transmitters and receivers are very hard to find in single quantities and I don't feel like playing counterfeit roulette on ebay.

  • Are the transmitter and receiver mentioned above retired these days?

    (I started to browse the retired items but quit because it was breaking my heart.)

  • Say I want to go 50-75 ft, Any larger sizes coming? Or maybe couplers to join a couple together?

    • Try RiteAV cables on Amazon. I just looked up a 50ft model for under $10, and higher quality versions will cost you 2x that.

      • TOSLINK is only rated for up to 10 meters of optical cable, so please let us know if the longer RiteAV cables really work.<br />
        <br />
        But back to the SparkFun cables here - these are awesome! The cable looks exactly like the picture. They might not be Monster quality, but they are certainly good cables for a good price. The connectors have a nice "click" effect when plugged in (unlike the really cheap cables that you can find on amazon), so they stay put and don't wobble or fall out of the connector. The cable sheath is pretty beefy too (not the cheap thin stuff).<br />
        <br />
        Nice job, SFE!

        • I've used 100ft RiteAV TOSLINK cables for audio without any difficulty at all. the ratings on TOSLINK cable lengths are extremely conservative. Never hurts to buy good quality transmitter and receiver modules, however. I've had good luck with Sys Concept's modules out of Canada.

    • You will probably need a glass cable or better transmitters and receivers.

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