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Heatsink and Fan - 40mm

Replacement: None. It's time for this product to step aside and make room in the catalog for even more cool stuff. This page is for reference only.

This heatsink and fan combo was originally designed to work with the north-bridge chip on a computer motherboard, but can be used for any smaller ICs. Instead of having them sit in the corner to cool off, use this heatsink and fan instead. The 40mm fan runs at 4500 RPM at 12V. It has an RPM signal wire for sensing fan speed as well as two connectors for power.

The heatsink measures 37x37mm at the base and is 35mm tall. Overall (with the height of the fan) the combo is 46mm tall. The fan itself is about 11mm tall.

  • 12VDC fan
  • 23dB fan noise
  • 6.97 CFM
  • 4500 RPM fan speed


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  • What does the speed sensor wire output? I imaging a square wave, but at what voltage?

    • If it's anything like a standard pc fan, and I would imagine it is, it just a hall sensor output that pulls up to the input voltage twice per rotation.

      So yes, a square wave between ground and V+ at a frequency of (RPM*2)Hz.

      Perhaps the SF guys can put this up top.

  • What does the speed sensor wire output? I imaging a square wave, but at what voltage?

  • Hi. I bought this and find it works well with the TEC. However I would NOT recommend using the thermal tape - you lose the conductivity. What is that brown paste that comes with it ???

    • That brown paste is heat sink compound. you put it on top of your chip then you place the heatsink onto the paste covered chip. it is there for thermal conductivity so the heat the chip generates gets passed to the heatsink to be dissapated.

      • Thanks Klone! Much appreciated. I bought the $2 Heat Sink Compound from here instead. However, this white goo is not drying. It has been wet for two weeks now. There must be something that I am missing. I will try wiping it off and replace with the brown paste. Trying to glue the TEC cooler to this Heat Sink & Fan.

        • Heat sink compound is designed to not dry out; by staying liquid it maintains good thermal contact with the two surfaces. Because it doesn't stick things together, you need another method of holding the surfaces together such as bolts, springs, etc.
          We've used the thermal tape with good results, but if that didn't work for you, you might try a thermal glue or epoxy (DigiKey et.al.)

  • Any good suggestions on how to mount this? I'd like to use it (x2) on a couple of FPGA's.

  • maxiumum TDP handling of this HSF?

  • This would be perfect with the Thermoelectric Cooler!

  • 23db - isn't that a little loud, or do I need to look at my decibel rating system chart again?

  • BT / about 9 years ago * / 1

    Hmm... About the size of your 40mm peltier cooler. Personal beverage can chiller, here I come! You don't mention the peely sheet in the picture. What's that? Thermal compound sheet?

    • the sheet is a self-adhesive thermal pad. I wouldn't recommend it with the peltier, it's not powerful enough. the peltier gets cold, then slowly starts to warm up. it only works effectively if the peltier is at 5v, but then it doesn't cool very much.

    • While I'm all for DIY, look up "Princess Can Cooler and Warmer - MR-103" before you start. Its about $25 and works well, although you might have to supply your own AC adapter.

  • hmmmm?? height o the fan

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