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EggBot Full Kit

Replacement:WIG-11564. We're now carrying the Deluxe Kit! This page is for reference only.

The Eggbot is an open-source art robot that can draw on spherical or egg-shaped objects from the size of a ping pong ball to that of a small grapefruit (roughly 1.25 to 4.25 inches in diameter). The EggBot is super adjustable and designed to draw on all kinds of things that are normally "impossible" to print on. You can draw on anything like golf balls, light bulbs, mini pumpkins, and even things like wine glasses (with a bit of work).

Use it to personalize Christmas ornaments or impress your friends with masterpiece Easter eggs. The Eggbot is not just a cool gadget; it’s also a great introduction to do-it-yourself robotics. All of the electronics and software are designed to be hackable and repurposed, so you could easily computer control an Etch-a-Sketch or create something totally new.

The Eggbot software allows you to control the 'bot from within Inkscape (a superb free/open source illustration program) on Mac, Windows, or Linux computers. You can draw an image directly, trace a photograph, or import designs from other programs. You can also control the Eggbot directly from many other programs that have the ability to send serial commands over a USB port.

  • EggBot chassis
  • (2) stepper motors
  • Servo motor
  • EggBot controller board
  • Power supply
  • USB cable
  • Sharpie pen
  • All necessary hardware for the kit


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  • shouldn't this be cross listed in the robotics category as well?

  • What about you shipping the Ostrich version? that would solve a lot of issues.

  • Interesting use for a little CNC lathe...

  • You should put up a link to the hardware page: http://wiki.evilmadscience.com/Hardware_reference_design
    You can download gEDA/PCB design files, among other important things like the assembly instructions.
    The coolest part of this thing is that it's made out of PCBs. It uses white silkscreen, black soldermask, copper for heatsinking the motors, and extra-thick FR-4 fiberglass for strength.

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