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fabrickit BricKit

Replacement:DEV-11811. We've revised the Coin Cell Brick in the replacement. This page is for reference only.

fabrickit is a collection of wearable electronic modules, or “bricks”, that make it easy to construct simple or complex wearable projects. Bricks connect to each other with a flexible, 3-wire conductive fabric ribbon. The fabrickit-bricks-and-ribbon approach streamlines the construction of wearable projects, making them more reliable, attractive and ready-to-wear.

This starter kit includes all the components needed to make your own fabrickit project.

Note: The blue LED is not included. See below for what all is included in the kit.

**Note: **This product is a collaboration with fabrickit. A portion of each sales goes back to them for product support and continued development.


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  • Dara / about 11 years ago / 1

    How is electricity effected by the snap connections? Are the 3 supposed to correspond with high, low, and off? Can I run the same number of lights as say Lily or Anio? Or is significant power lost across the system? Thanks

  • Tacroy / about 11 years ago / 1

    This stuff looks awesome, but I have to ask - judging by the ribbon soldering tutorial, it seems like the only thing keeping the ribbon and the brick together is the solder. Does that actually last? I would imagine that solder would be unhappy with all the stretching and bending that fabric does. Would it be useful to reinforce the connection with thread, or would that not actually do anything?

    • The connections seem fairly strong, a good solder joint is generally stronger than you would think. Most of the time when something fails on one of my projects it's not because the solder joint breaks but because the wire shears off at the joint (especially if it's something you're going to be moving around a lot, a common problem for e-textiles) Luckily you can't really bend the ribbon back and forth until it breaks, so it's pretty resilient. If you're working on something that's going to get jostled around a lot and you're concerned about the strength of the joint, I would solder the connection like normal leaving some room between the connection and the edge of the board, then flood that section of ribbon with epoxy so that all of the mechanical stress stops at the edge of the board and doesn't hit your solder joint

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