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This product has been retired from our catalog and is no longer for sale. This page is made available for those looking for datasheets and the simply curious.

Creative Commons images are CC BY 2.0

Description: The Rotary Encoder LED Ring is a position indicator for rotary encoders. Traditional knobs with indicator lines do not give accurate representation of an encoder’s value since rotary encoders have no start or end point. The Rotary Encoder LED Ring has through-hole or shaft mounting for most standard encoders and uses a Texas Instruments TLC5925 shift register to interface 16 green LEDs to any microcontroller through SPI. A microcontroller can be programmed to output any desired sequence on the LEDs.


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Customer Comments

  • Hey everyone!
    I was lucky enough to be one of the few to beta test these for Mayhew Labs. Let me first say that while the idea is simple, the execution is amazing!
    I’ve put together a few videos of the rings in action which you can check out below:
    Ring used as a MIDI VU meter from Traktor
    Ring used a encoder feedback indicator
    3 Rings daisy chained together with a flashy demo

  • I have a demo and some code that shows how to drive the LEDs from a Raspberry Pi. Hope someone finds it useful.

  • Does anyone know what the voltage regulator is that is shown in the schematic? For the life of me I can not find it anywhere and am needing a small SMT, low component count, 2V regulator just like it.

  • I noticed on the Mayhew Labs page for this product that they are available in Red, Green, Yellow, and Blue and are “available from Spark Fun Electronics.” What happened to the yellow one? I have an application in which I want Red, Yellow, and Green ones. There doesn’t seem to be a way to order them directly from Mayhew Labs, so I’m stuck.

    • I second this - I would love to have more colors. Yellow is great, but also maybe orange, white, or maybe one of the pink ones that you guys just found…

    • DClarke -
      Contact us directly and we can supply them for you. SparkFun may carry the yellow LED units in the future, but don’t currently.
      Mayhew Labs Contact

      • Hi Mark,
        Any chance that you would publish this assembly as a Eagle library file so others can incorporate your design as a drop-in assembly into their PCB designs? At least that’s what I’d like to do, but the relative hole locations + sizes are not published, hence one cannot design a PCB to accept it (with standoffs and all), AFAICT, but then again, I’m a newbie so please excuse my ignorance if I missed something. Cheers, Constantin

  • does this include a treadmill and Spectrum shield?

  • Cool! I was going to design one of these but I don’t see why I should bother now.

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