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Introduction to Arduino - February 26th, 2011

Go from blinking an LED to virtual prototyping in seven hours and still have time to eat lunch! This class is for anyone who has never played around with Arduino before and those who have played around a little bit but aren't entirely sure about how the basics work. It's easier than you think! We will put together basic single component electrical circuits, learn about analog and digital, input and output, basic programming concepts, practice very basic Serial communication, and briefly cover basic virtual prototyping. In case you haven't noticed the key word here is 'basic'.

Students will create three simple circuits highlighting analog and digital forms of input and output. Get started with the Arduino programming environment, briefly discuss programming and virtual prototyping. Depending on class interest, Arduino-related educational techniques may be discussed as well. Students will receive one SparkFun Inventor's Kit and an Educational Material Binder in both physical and digital format.

Prerequisites: You should have a basic understanding of what series and parallel mean.

**What to bring: **A laptop and some lunch (or visit a nearby restaurant).

Date: Saturday, February 26th 2011
Time: 10 AM – 5 PM (with a break for lunch from 12 - 1)
Instructors: Dave, Rob, Michelle, Tim and Lindsay



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  • We will definitely be teaching this class several times a year.
    We will be posting all the materials and footage from the class so those of you farther away can get some benefit from the work that has gone into this class.

  • will you be having this class again soon?

  • There has been concern that students will not be able to receive a SparkFun Inventor's Kit because of our inability to keep them in stock (They're pretty popular). Don't worry, if you sign up for this class, you WILL get a kit. See you here!

    • Can I pick up my Kit before the class? I did have to pay Local Pickup "shipping" on it...

  • How about a "Bring your own Sparkfun Inventor's Kit" option for those of us who already have one?

  • I am signing both my husband and me up for this. I just finished my first e-textile project with 2 Lilypads under Lynne Bruning's and Troy Nachtigall's leadership - figure I'm ready for a bigger project!

  • It would be awesome if these classes were available online

  • Is this class a general microcontroller and prototyping class that just happens to use the Arduino as an example, or is it specific to the Arduino? I know my way around the picaxe environment and am fairly competent with circuit layout in Eagle, but I am definitely keen to move toward the open-source goodness of the Arduino. Would you recommend this course? Is there something more specific coming up? It sounds like fun regardless!

  • I've been searching for a class like this!!! I don't think flying to colorado for this class is justifiable. Will you guys ever hold a class in L.A.? Without a doubt I'd definiteley be there if you did.

  • You guys should look into hosting virtual classrooms so those of us located elsewhere can participate.

    • This would also be great....

    • I second that action! or at least you could do podcasts of the class. that would be better than nothing!
      I am a electronics tinkerer interested in more advanced projects and not just "stealing" code and I live in Wisconsin.

      • I live in Wisconsin as well! I think that Milwaukee, Madison, or Chicago store would be amazing. Actually, while they would be amazing, I would be broke.
        And what would be even more time/money efficient: Travel around the US to perform these locations at rented spaces. Then everyone in the States (or perhaps Europe as well?) could be happy.

      • I'd like to jump on that bandwagon. Podcast, virtual classroom, teleportation device...something for us that are a bit further out?

  • I wish i lived around that place. I would have attended for sure. Even tho im more of a PIC and ARM person. Learning more wouldnt hurt :D
    You people should open a NY branch! I wouldnt mind working for you guys, even as a janitor heh...

    • Jason, much closer to home, you should check out NYC Resistor: http://www.nycresistor.com/
      They do classes like this somewhat regularly.

    • I also second the motion, I really don't feel like moving out to Colorado, and the daily commute from New York is awfully long!

    • If they do open a NY branch ( perhaps in NYC )
      My wallet would appreciate if they did NOT include a retail location. Lunch hour visits would leave it empty.

    • I second that motion...

  • Sunday the 27th maybe?
    Edit: Ahh... Saturday...

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