Vitronics SMD 300 Reflow Oven - 'Gramps'

Here's an opportunity to own a piece of SparkFun Electronics history...

We recently acquired an additional oven and it's time to clear out some of the old to make space for the new. With a tear in our eye we are prepared to say good-bye to our first reflow oven affectionately known around these parts as Gramps. We bought this oven used when we were a young start-up that needed the ability to do low volume electronics assembly work and it met our needs for many years, even as our volumes increased rapidly. Hundreds of thousands of SparkFun widgets have passed through this oven and now live in our customers' amazing projects - it's a legacy, really.

$1500 will send you home with Gramps - a Vitronics SMD 300 - retro reflow all the way from 1985! Now you will be able to bake that solder to perfection in his 6 heating zones (3 top, 3 bottom). He also comes equipped with dual ventilation and an instruction manual. All he needs from you is 220V and 50A. This oven does not come with any warranty.

Note: Buyer is FULLY responsible for pick-up and delivery of the oven. Pickup must be arranged 48 hours after payment. Serious buyers only!

This oven went for sale back in 2011. We only had one and it sold for $1500.

SparkFun probably won't sell heavy manufacturing equipment like this again any time soon.


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  • Can we get a breakout board for this?

  • If it were within a 6 hour drive I'd be on my way over with the cash. and trying to figure out what to tell my wife it is on the way out/back.
    I guess my toaster reflow oven will have to do for the meanwhile.

  • the shipping's gota be a bitch

  • I wonder how it would handle a pizza?

    If EMS could transport it for cost which is not bigger than this product cost....

  • Ooooh, if I buy ten (out of 1) they only cost 1350...

  • Can this oven work with lead free solder?

    • Maybe, but most modern lead free ovens use a Nitrogen atmosphere, to lessen oxidation issues. Without it, lead free reflow can be a huge PITA.

  • Hmm, have the outlet since I put in a gas range. Too bad I don't have a truck and a 50A extension cord.

    • I'll buy you the extension cord if I get to use the oven from time to time.....

    • You can rent a truck. And just put Gramps next to the outlet, and you won't need the extension cord.

      • After all, people routinely stick reflow ovens in their kitchens, right?
        Just me?
        ...Never mind.

  • Bulk price seems a might spurious... just sayin'.

    • eh, it's automatic. If you want to buy 10, I'm sure we could figure SOMETHING out.

      • Hey, 10 reflow ovens @ $1,200 ea. seems like a pretty good deal to me...
        BTW, the bold $1500.00 is a little long. Kinda funny that you guys seem to sell so much -- and yet, nothing is this expensive.

        • Yeah, we're not going to fix that. Our current system wasn't setup to handle anything over $999.95. That PROBABLY won't be an issue anytime soon.

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