StarBoard Flexible LED Strip - Green (5 pack)

Replacement: None. We are no longer carrying this product, but check out the rest of our e-textiles section! This page is for reference only.

These strips of flexible PCB are each populated with a green surface mount LED and a 330 Ohm current limiting resistor. Flexible LED strips are the perfect way to add light to your project while retaining the greatest amount of flexibility. They are great for crafts, e-textiles, or any application where flexibility is a concern.

By using fusible interfacing you can iron the boards directly onto most fabrics. Also, because the flexible PCB material is a thin plastic film, you can easily hand-sew or machine-sew through them with conductive thread. The large, easy-to-connect pads can also be trimmed to whatever size you need.

These are sold in packs of 5.

Note: The star shape denotes the positive side of the LED.

Note: This product is a collaboration with Meredith Scheff. A portion of each sales goes back to her for product support and continued development.

Customer Comments

  • Do these come in other colors? White, perhaps?
    oops, never mind! found them!

  • I love the idea of flexible electronics. E-textiles are cool but I'd love to see cylindrical PCB's. I know manufacturing would be a pain, but it'd be great for rockets and other cylindrical type of applications.

    • that would basically involve thinking in "n-layer PCB" construction. design would probably be worse than manufacture (see: stackable headers) because you have to restrict your signalling to either a very few datastreams, or use a/several bus(es)

  • I like this, a lot.
    Would I have to worry about fraying/bad things if I were to cut down the size a bit? It seems to be the kind of thing you could snip without much harm (as long as the actual traces to the resistor and LED aren't somehow cut off)

    • were you able to cut them down and still have them work? please let me know so i can do the same.

    • I doubt it. I believe these are made out of the same material as the SeedDuino. I suggest you use a pair of scissors as opposed to diagonal cutters.

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