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This product has been retired from our catalog and is no longer for sale. This page is made available for those looking for datasheets and the simply curious.

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Description: The VS1033D-L is a great MP3 decoder, and with this breakout board, it’s easy to drop it into any project. The VS1033 is capable of decoding MP3/AAC/WMA/MIDI audio and encoding IMA ADPCM. Can drive 30 Ohm headphones with no additional power supply. In this new revision, the board ties the TEST pin to IOVDD, better correcting the issues which were previously fixed by a jumper wire.


  • Separate Audio and Digital 3.3V supplies
  • Onboard 12.288MHz oscillator


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Customer Comments

  • there exists a circuit for real time midi:

    but it doesn’t work with the actual BOB. i can see the blinking of midi-Led and hear a click of every midi signal, but no different high or low tones…. How to modify the circuit for use with the actual bob-board? the data sheet is no help…

  • How does this one compare to VS1103b BOB? (

    Particularly regarding MIDI decoding.

  • can this thing do .ogg files? I might make a minecraft music alarm clock

    • It doesn’t appear that it supports the ogg files, but you can convert it to mp3. FreeRip will do this for you, though they say that ogg and mp3 are “clashing” compressions in the way that they remove different parts of the audio to make the file smaller. So, if one file is converted from ogg to mp3, it will be missing both parts, making the quality go down. Though you might not really notice it in the alarm clock. You sure try using ‘calm4.ogg’ in the music folder of minecraft. I still wonder why that song is in there.

  • The bottom view picture is the wrong picture.
    edit: SparkFun fixed it

  • Why is this wider than the previous version? You could’ve added AGND without making it any wider…

  • Wow, nice jumper. It must be crazy difficult to solder that… unless the pick and place machine does that. idk

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