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Light Pipe - Clear Core (3mm, 5' long)

Light pipe is very cool stuff. It transmits light along its length, like fiber optic cable, but it also "leaks" light along the way, causing the entire length of tubing to light up when a bright light is shined into one end. It can be easily cut to length with a pair of scissors or a knife and by using a piece of shrink-tube to attach a super bright LED to one end, you can produce an EL-like effect.

Light pipe is great for decorative applications, you could even sew it into an e-textile project. It's also a good way to 're-route' an indicator light that's buried inside an enclosure, so that it's visible on the surface. Putting different colored LEDs at either end produces some very cool effects as well!

This is a 5 foot length of 3mm diameter light pipe. This light pipe is clear and can be easily connected to a basic 3mm LED with a length of shrink tubing or some tape.


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  • Is the outer diameter exactly 3mm? If I wanted to drill a hole in an enclosure that would hold on to the end of the light pipe firmly how large should the hole diameter be?

    • It would be best to use a rubber grommet and drill your hole out a little bigger. The grommet will give you a little bit more grip and it'll be less likely to damage the tube.

  • how much light do these "leak"? if run along a baseboard in a hallway, would it make a decent night light? like, enough to not kick whatever was left on the floor?

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