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AVC 2011 T-Shirt - Medium

Replacement: None. We are no longer carrying this t-shirt in our catalog. This page is for reference only.

Automated Vehicle Competition 2011, a glorious day for man and machine alike. Commemorate a day of dashing, crashing and robot smashing with this stylish white cotton short-sleeve t-shirt. Emblazoned with the 'SparkFun Red' AVC Logo, this shirt is so official it's sure to command major robo-respect.


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  • Hey dude, nice dred's, spark one up, eh!!

  • I want one in black.

    • If you are looking for dark colored T-shirts, try ThinkGeek; they have a large selection of them.
      This T-shirt is from Anvil Knitwear. It's very lightweight (like an undershirt) and is 100% cotton. On the back near the top it's got the "Sparkfun Electronics" name and flame logo printed in an area that is about 3" by 1.25".

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