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Small Heatsink with Thermal Tape (pack of 5)

Replacement: None. We are no longer carrying this pack. This page is for reference only.

These tiny little black anodized heatsinks are perfect for cooling off small surface-mount components such as the Allegro A4983 stepper driver. We ship them in packs of five with a strip of thermal tape pads that can be used to attach them to your component.


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  • that adhesive is a gigantic pain to work with. it is paper thin, and likes to go flying. i suggest a pair of tweezers, and a tiny phillips screwdriver to hold the adhesive down to the surface once you've got it held in place. expect a piece or two to end up on the floor. (hint: you won't find it again on carpet.)

  • You guys really should include a couple spare pieces of adhesive tape. I doubt it costs anything at all, and you are almost guaranteed to lose a piece or two.

  • In my case the adhesive didn't really adhere. I tried using glue around the edges and it seems to hold.

    I have a DIP regulator, and it was a problem to find a way to keep it cool.

  • These lil' guys are perfect! I had no trouble with the adhesive. The first side came off easily with a light touch of the finger. I stuck the heat sink on. Then, hold the heat sink and lightly rub off the other side and stick it on your component. I was worried from JayKominek's comment, but I had absolutely no problems applying three of these in under five minutes. (maybe the adhesive varies from batch to batch?) Once on, they stay stuck on, too. Highly recommend.

  • These will be great for cooling the TIP31s on my line follower!

  • This is great -- I was looking for adhesive-applied heat sinks a while back and couldn't find any readily without a large volume special order. To folks worried about the size -- don't! It doesn't have to match the chip case at all precisely. Just slap them suckers on and go. If it slops over, no matter. If it is undersize, it might not get all the heat out that you want, but if you can squeeze on two, great! The double-sided tape is easy to use, but the glue-on heat sinks that attach directly with a permanent thermal adhesive are better -- the double-sided tape adds some thermal resistance. Works well for most applications, though.

  • Note: These will work great for EasyDriver boards as well!!

  • These are absolutely perfect. At this size, they seem pretty adaptable.

  • And what size are they? I need exact size to see if I can use it in my embedded computer board.

    • They're 0.25" wide by 0.30" long by 0.19" high with a thermal resistance of about 128 C/W.

      • 128 C/W seems implausible. That means the case of the chip will have to be more than 128 C about the heatsink temperature for a chip dissipating 1 W of power. That's a truly lousy heatsink!

      • whats the thermal resistance if thermal grease is used instead of thermal tape?

  • Very useful!

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