USB Cable A to Locking DIN - In2Rowing Surplus

Replacement: None. These were a limited time surplus item and we’re all out. This page is for reference only.

These cables were originally intended for use with the, now discontinued, In2Rowing system. At one end is a standard USB-A connection, at the other is a ruggedized 8-pin locking DIN connector. While we don’t carry the mating connector for this cable, they were manufactured by Conxall and can be purchased through Conxall distributors (Mini-Con-X Harsh Environment Connectors). Even if you aren’t interested in the ruggedized DIN connector, this is still a 5 ft. USB-A cable, ripe for the hacking.

Note: This is surplus stock and we do not have any datasheets or information beyond what is on this product page.

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