ATMEGA In-depth Class - November 13th, 2011

In this class you'll be using the Arduino IDE, but we're going to venture beyond the Arduino development board. What Arduino offers is simplicity and a bundle of components, but this might not be exactly what you need to make your project successful. After all, there are advantages to being able to program the chip outside of a development board in terms of space as well as freedom of application, it also has a big influence on the cost of components.

Over the course of the class you will build a breadboard example of an Arduino-compatible board and you'll learn some of the tricks to programming the chip in the absence of the Arduino board. We'll go into clocking the chip and loading code using our FTDI Basic Board. The class will examine the basic examples in Arduino wired on the breadboard, including digital and analog examples, which is a great chance to trouble shoot your boards and code! In addition, we will cover using the ATMEGA 328 as a programmer to load basic code to the capable and inexpensive ATTINY85 8-pin Controller.

Classes take place at the ~~world renowned~~ infamous SparkFun building. We provide all the tools, irons, solder, parts, etc. You'll be programming the ATMEGA 328 in various breadboard circuits and loading code with the Uno bootloader. By the end of the class, you will have a functioning example to take home and experiment with or embed in your project.

Prerequisites: Due to the advanced nature of the material, a solid background in Arduino is a prerequisite. We think you'll be ready if you take the 'Intro to Arduino' class offered the day before, but to be fair it'd make for a long weekend. Kids 14+ are totally welcome, provided they have the background to enjoy the class.

What to bring: Just a laptop and maybe a bite to eat for lunch.

If you do not have a laptop SparkFun has 15 laptops that will be offered on a first come, first serve basis. To reserve a laptop email and we will let you know if there are any still available. IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A LAPTOP YOU MUST CHECK TO SEE IF WE HAVE LAPTOPS STILL AVAILABLE FOR RESERVATION.

Date: November 13th, 2011
Time: 9AM to around 5PM
Instructors: Lindsay Craig, Pearce, John , Jordan, Jeff


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  • i would LOVE this class, but Colorado's quite a trek from Ontario Canada. any chance of you offering online versions where students pay a fee and say purchase parts before hand/etc?

    • I will introduce this as a concept. Bear in mind we are launching an education website , and are SWAMPED, so it might be a while.I can assure you that a tutorial will be forthcoming.

    • Second!
      I would love to do this class, but Holland is even farther away.

  • Really guys? you still haven't got the shipping sorted out on classes yet? This will be my fourth, and I'm ready to not be billed for shipping. Also, can't wait to see you again. :)

    • There's a whole new system in the works for classes what will not only not charge shipping, but automatically allocate stock for class materials and such. Sit tight :)

  • Is this class perhaps on vid for enthusiasts outside the country, i'm in South Africa and would gladly purchase the video tutorial.

  • I really like this, and with more teachers teaching electronics (it's a component in the curriculum for Project Lead the Way) I'd love to see you set up a weekend or week long workshop that covers like 10 of these classes. Teachers love to travel! :)

  • Does Sparkfun ever plan to offer online classes? or at the least post the material covered at the class? I would pay for either.

    • This material will end up in the tutorials, maybe on the Education website scheduled for launch in December.

  • Any chance we can get a Materials Provided list =)?

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