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This product has been retired from our catalog and is no longer for sale. This page is made available for those looking for datasheets and the simply curious.

Creative Commons images are CC BY 2.0

Description: These are standard screws with 4-40 thread, but they’re extraordinarily long - 1.25"!

Sold in packs of 10.

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Customer Comments

  • Item name says flat head. Item picture is a phillips head?

    • The screws are properly called flat head screws, I.E. countersunk screws that when installed properly do not protrude above the surface they are intended to fasten.
      For common screw head shape names you can check out:

        ^ Sparkfun has always named screws by the drive not the shape. Notice these are called Phillip head, not round head screws.
        By sticking to that convention then, these would also be called Phillips head screws.

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