RooTooth - Bluetooth Wireless Roomba Connection

Sale: The firmware on all our Roving Networks products has been updated from version 4.77 to the 6.15 version. We found a few extra of these RooTooths hiding in our stock, we've put them on sale and brought them back for a limited time. Once this version is gone we won't be selling it again.

A cable-less solution developed for controlling your Roomba. The RooTooth v2 communicates with any Bluetooth**® **enabled device using the Serial Port Profile (SPP). You can now tell the Roomba when to wake up, when to clean, and when to shut off. You can even remotely drive your Roomba from your computer or from the WiTilt!

This product requires that the SCI (serial command interface) has been installed on your Roomba. SCI has been installed on all Roombas manufactured after October 24th, 2005. Please verify that your Roomba is compatible by checking here.

The new RooTooths are based on the Roving Network bluetooth module. The command set has changed from the original user guide written by Roomba Dev Tools. The new datasheet is below. The Rootooths are configured to 57600bps to work at the Roomba's default communication rate.


RooTooth - Bluetooth Wireless Roomba Connection Product Help and Resources

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  • RobotDeveloper / about 12 years ago / 1

    Member #309901 - you are right (and wrong)

    The Rootooth has two phase connection. (From the PC/Smartphone to Rootooth and from Rootooth to the Roomba) The Baud rate to the Rootooth is fixes (setup at negotiation time) the baud rate between the Rootooth and Roomba is configurable, and actually depends on the model of Roomba you have.

    Here is a full guide how to set up the correct baud rate for your Roomba based on the model.

    Hope this helps!

  • Member #320711 / about 12 years ago * / 1

    I was totally wrong - all you should do to make it work its go to command mode of your adapter (see Roving Network Module Command Set in Documents) and configure it: send $$$ (response:CMD[CRLF]), then send D[CR] and look at Baudrt to see what your communication rate is. Check if it is the same as your Roomba's rate: 9600 - first generation; 57600 - 4xx, 4xxx, iRobot Create; 115200 - 5xx, 7xx.

    If not, you should change it by sending SU,[rate][CR] command. Possible [rate] values for iRobot are: 9600, 57.6, 115K. Then do reset R,1[CR], response will be Reboot![CRLF]. After you reconnect, you can start sending commands to Roomba and should work fine.

    Hope this helps somebody who will stuck as I am.

  • Member #320711 / about 12 years ago / 1


    I just received RooTooth (bought via distibutor -, in anticipation of fun connected it via RealTerm on 115200, and.. nothing! :( Just 128 131 137 1 starts Roomba's spot cleaning. (I know it is not correct command, but it works). After a little googling I found that a lot of people have the same trouble but no solution was proposed. One thing that I found, seems like pinout was changed! If you open pinout of 500 series: (on page 3)

    and open pinout of RooTooth: (on page 3, too)

    and compare them - you will see the differences. For now I can't test this, but if someone can - could you please write down here a note if it will work?

    Or, may be I'm wrong? Any help will be appreciated!

  • Member #309901 / about 12 years ago / 1

    "The Rootooths are configured to 57600bps to work at the Roomba's default communication rate." Is this a misprint? The Roombas are configured for 115200bps since the 500 series that was released a couple years ago. My Roomba 770 was preconfigured for 115200, the ROI also specifies this.

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