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Replacement: None. We're all out of these heatsinks. This page is for reference only.

This beefy heatsink is designed to dissipate a lot of heat! The 6400BG heatsink fits TO-220, TO-218, and TO-247.

Note: These heatsinks are a bit different from the datasheet. All dimensions are accurate except for the width of the channels. They are 17.25mm wide. They work well for TO-220 ICs but not for the STA540.

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  • Kevin Vermeer / about 12 years ago / 2

    So, let me get this straight. This is not the 6400BG heatsink? You have a picture of that product (which ought to match the datasheet) with differently-sized channels at the audio amplifier page. Don't say

    The 6400BG heatsink fits TO-220, TO-218, and TO-247.

    if this isn't the 6400BG, which, according to the evidence available to me, it is not. Using the listing of extruded multiwatt heatsinks in the Aavid Thermaloy catalog (starting on page 55), I conclude that your measurement of 17.25 is slightly too large (they'd rather make these too wide than too small), and that this is the 530002B02500G heatsink. It does lack the vertical cutout, but that doesn't appear to be an important element in the design, and might be exclusive to models with standoffs on the pins.

    Instead, say something like

    The 5300BG heatsink fits TO-220 (10.67mm wide), TO-218 (15.8mm wide), and TO-247 (15.8mm wide) packages.

    (The links are to PDFs with package dimensions from Fairchild.)

    You might also want to note in your datasheet that there should be 2.67mm diameter holes in the PCB for the mounting pins, and that traces should not be run under the sink because it's metal and flush with the PCB. This would all be a lot easier if we could get an Eagle footprint with these packages mounted to the heatsink and appropriate keepouts.

    • Obviously you don't get the term "Ding and Dent". No refunds, they send it to you, your luck. They aren't going to put that much work into correcting a screw up on a page that is trying to sell a screw-up to people who are trying their luck at what they get.

  • These things are beautiful. Perfect size for many of my projects

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