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SFE Project Notebook - 10" x 7.5" (Black, Grey Pages)

After using a lot of different journals, we decided to create the one that we wanted to use. 52 pages thin, matte black flexible cover, with 1/8" grid on every page. It's light weight, easy to pack, and has just enough pages to record all those crazy ideas. Also, we've altered the pages slightly, the grid is now white on grey.

These really are great notebooks, we use them constantly at the office. They're flexible enough to stuff in your backpack but rigid enough not to get torn apart in travel.

I'm not sure about you, but we like to travel incognito. The black color is pretty sleek and avoids attention, but there is an embossed SparkFun logo on the front cover in case anyone looks closely.


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  • A version with 10/in would be great.

    As all of our PTH parts use a 0.1" pin spacing you can do scale pcb layout in your notebook with a 10 division per inch layout. I currently print my own but would love a nice notebook version...

  • a version with metric grid lines would be nice

    • Try the Behance dot grid books/journals, although they're 3 times the price, they have 4 times as many pages, with dots spaced at 5mm.

      • Those do look pretty interesting.

        If you're looking to spend more on something in hardcover, Leuchtturm sells gridded and dotted versions of their Moleskine-alikes, which tend to be good quality. They might have metric spacing on those, given that they're a German company.

    • Good point! I started a request for a metric version. Will take a bit.

  • Can I get a datasheet please, I want to know what compiler to use.

  • Yes, they have a 1/8" grid. However, the major divisions are not necessarily 1" apart. The 8th row down (3rd from the bottom) is actually only 7/8" tall! So beware if you want to use these for, you know, actual scale drawings. Or just use the top 7" of the page for them.

    Other than that little gaffe, these are nice notebooks. Page numbering is great! Non-removable pages are great!

    [The bottom row is also 7/8" tall, but that's ok as it gets cut off by the footer, and you'd be expecting that]

  • I have a team of engineers that love the notebook. The custom embossing is really great. Would you be willing to share where your source these from? I would love to get some with personalized embossing and a mix of colors.

  • Perfect to buy on Cyber Monday.

  • $10 for shipping one? Not being cheap but..... I guess a great benefit if you're buying several.....

  • I would buy soo many of these if they had a metric grid!

  • What kind of paper density and bleed do these have? Are they good with gel and fountain pens?

    • I use 'em with fountain pens from time to time. Little bit of bleed, but really not bad.

  • "we decided to created"... sorry Robert :\

    Bonus semicolon points:

    "Also, we've altered the pages slightly; the grid is now white on grey." "These really are great notebooks; we use them constantly at the office."

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