Compass Module - HMC1051Z (single axis)

Replacement: None. We don't have any direct replacement for this part, but check out the rest of our sensor category. This page is for reference only.

The Honeywell HMC105Z is a Wheatstone bridge devices to measure magnetic fields. With power supply applied to a bridge, the sensor converts any incident magnetic field in the sensitive axis direction to a differential voltage output. In addition to the bridge circuit, the sensor has two on-chip magnetically coupled straps; the offset strap and the set/reset strap. These straps are Honeywell patented features for incident field adjustment and magnetic domain alignment; and eliminate the need for external coils positioned around the sensors.

Customer Comments

  • this should have been categorized in Sensors\Magneto section

  • Wow... sells for US$17 on digikey.... This is like 70% off!!!! link

  • Yes! 2 of these = digital compass (one for n/s and one for e/w)!!! but it doesn't fit in breaboard... 50mil pin spacing :(

    ...and by the way, Sparkfun: SIP package of this device does not include the offset strap, only a set/reset strap.

    pins are as follows:

    1 GND1(B)

    2 Vo+(A)

    3 Vcc

    4 GND plane

    5 GND2(B)

    6 S/R+

    7 S/R-

    8 Vo-(A)

    So no offset strap. But can anyone figure out why this package has two wheatstone bridges, one of which is disconnected save two GND connections (pins 1 and 5)????

    and this from honeywell is VERY helpful.

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