Audio Adapter - 1/4" to 3.5 mm Stereo

This is your standard audio jack "smallerizer." Plug a 1/4" cable into one side and now it will magically fit a 3.5mm jack. These are stereo to stereo connectors so you won't even lose your stereophonic experience in the process!

Customer Comments

  • I love how my local RadioShack charges 12 times the price.

    In all seriousness, I'm gonna start calling them "smallerizers" now.

  • Just about everyone stocks 3.5mm stereo jacks. Great standard connector, but excitability factor? Meh…

    What would be SUPER-sweet is a 4-POLE 3.5mm jack (and female adapter). With the 4 different conductors, you could create custom USB-to-3.5mm connectors, or really useful VCC/RX/TX/GND connectors. Not to mention the fact that you could actually break out the 4-pole stereo/mic on an iPhone/Android device. Any chance on getting some of these?

    • I could see that being useful. What gauge/what current limit does headphone wire have? I've also seen people use RCA connectors for power between different parts of projects, which I think is a good idea if it's being used often since those things don't seem to wear out that much.

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