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This product has been retired from our catalog and is no longer for sale. This page is made available for those looking for datasheets and the simply curious.

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Description: DB9 connectors are a great way to make a tight connection on your project or to plug into existing serial lines. Now you can make your own DB9 cables the easy way with these crimp-on ribbon cable connectors. These work great with our 10-wire ribbon cable, you just need to peel back the one unneeded wire. Matching male connectors are available and can be found in the related items below.


  • Male DB9 connector body
  • Rear cap
  • Strain relief cap


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Customer Comments

  • Arghhh, Never fails; you guys bring out a new product that I need the day after I make an order….

  • Oooooh!!!! Get these for VGA and you guys will be even more my favorite!

  • Does anyone happen to know the max wire gauge that can be used with these connectors? I don’t see that anywhere.

  • You need to double check your nomenclature. This product, the male version, and every other standard computer serial port is actually named a DE9 connector. The only DB connectors are 25 pin parallel port connectors. You can see so yourself Here

    • You are absolutely correct, though you never ever hear anybody call these DE9’s - they are always colloquially referred to as DB9 and calling them DE9 would probably confuse more people than not.

      Ideally, SFE would use this as a “teachable moment” and call them DE9’s, but mention in the description that these are commonly incorrectly referred to as DB9’s.

      • I’d be fine if sparkfun just tagged them with DE9 or had an ‘alternate name’ field. Right now a search for “DE9” yields no results, despite these connectors being in stock.

      • This is how i make my notes , D9 , D15 , D25 & HD15 ( = High Density ) And for clarity D9F , D9M … and so on …

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