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5-Way Tactile Switch Breakout

Replacement:BOB-11187. The new revision fixes the label error. This page is for reference only.

Sometimes you need a very small directional input device (world's smallest game controller, anyone?) This 5-way tactile switch (up, down, left, right, and center click) allows for joystick-like control in a very small package. This breadboard-friendly board breaks out all the switch signals, and includes pullup resistors configured so that the outputs read low when pressed, and high otherwise. (If you wish, you can reverse the power leads for pull-down operation.)

Note: Oops! we screwed up, the L and R labels are reversed. Everything works fine though, and we'll fix the labeling on the next revision.


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  • Can we get the next revision with 5 different resistances and a single output? That way it only uses 3 pins instead of 7. Pin real estate is very valuable on my project.

    • The Eagle files are there, and so is BatchPCB! Shouldn't be too hard to make yourself.

      • Yep, and a little birdie just told me that one day we might offer SMD resistors and such for sale...

        • OH MY GOD.... I LOVE YOU.

          ...It would be awesome if you sold the SAME SMD components you use on your boards... that way we could buy the parts that match your eagle library easily (maybe a grab bag of miscellaneous components)... and then when we flood you with customer made widgets and BOBs, you can produce them easily.

          • That's the plan. Give us a few weeks or so, but we're selling the most common components found on our breakouts.

        • 1 wire keyboard. This is mind blasting. Precisely what I need....the project is already expanding in my mind as I type. :)

    • We probably won't make such a board, but it would be very easy to set up using this board, a resistor set, and a calculator. Also check out what our customers are doing with the matrix keypad.

  • I'm tempted to retrofit this to my old Sansa to make Pac-Man playable on the RockBox firmware. It emulates very well! It could mount to the slide case and use wiper contacts.

  • Any Knob Available For This Switch?

    • I couldn't find one either. I'll design one once I finish building my 3D printer. If it prints well, I'm going to sell them for just the material and shipping costs.

    • We haven't found anything that fits (it's not the same size as standard Trackpoints, etc.) You can use a bit of Sugru, or leave it bare - it's actually quite usable by itself.

  • Yay! Finally!

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