SparkFun RTFM Tee - Small

Replacement: None. We are no longer carrying this t-shirt in our catalog. This page is for reference only.

More swag? Why not? This SparkFun red tee is a stylish reminder to 'read the ahem *full *manual', a piece of advice worth spreading! Wear this to your next workshop or hack-a-thon as a public service.

Customer Comments

  • .... to further clarify:

    The Small is about 1/6th of the 2xLarge


    Small: 1/3 x Large

    Large: 1/2 x 2xLarge


    Small= (1/3 x (1/2 x (2xLarge)))


    Small = 1/6 x 2xLarge

    ...close enough.

  • Dimensions: L: a lot shorter than Large H: less than Medium W: tighter than Medium

    should you need further detail, buy this:


    (i have no afiliation with anyone mentioned in this post)

  • Can you provide the dimensions, it is hard to buy not knowing if it will fit.

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